This project is like a child nursed and taken care of for a long time who has drawn love from architects, builders, authors of the idea of the building, as well as from the people with great experience and knowledge of the world. Who have spent hours to develop the smallest details of the house in order to create the environment which would be comfortable, clear, practical, cosy and creative for people. This house is created for people so that they could live in the very centre of Riga by maintaining quality of life and the creative peace, comfort and style of this place at the same time.

About the house.

Our house has a beautiful, safe and smart gate which kindly welcomes us and our guests and lets into the house. When we have gone through the gate, we get to a cosy and nice yard where someone sometimes comes out to read a book. Then we can see a drive in a spacious underground parking lot where it is comfortable to drive in and from which we enter a cosy and beautiful staircase from where a modern lift leads upwards – to your home.

To wonderful apartaments which have been made with a magic designer’s touch, with rational and well-considered layouts having high-quality oak parquet flooring, elegant tiles in bathrooms, durable plumbing and ceramics which harmonically fits in its interior, with built-in, adjustable radiators in the rooms, with aluminium windows over them which provide silence and heat.

In total, there are 24 such apartments, 2-4 room apartments, in the areas from 62 to 120 m2. There are apartaments with both; a balcony, and a spacious terrace. 


Welcome to your home!